Tiny Sony Bravia Home Theater Speakers

Sony HT-IS100 Bravia Theatre Micro System

Sony has announced their brand new HT-IS100 Bravia Theater Micro System, a 5.1 channel surround system with speakers roughly the size of a golf ball.

The 5.1 channel system, with 450 watts (RMS) of power, includes a subwoofer with integrated 32-bit S-Master® digital amplifier for superb audio performance.

Featuring Sony’s S-AIR™ technology, you can add wireless multi-room listening throughout the home using Sony S-AIR Air Station speakers, which are sold separately. Television audio and music can be transmitted from the main system to multiple rooms throughout the home by connecting the Air Station into a power outlet. An optional speaker kit (WAHT-SA10 sold separately) delivers audio wirelessly to rear speakers, eliminating the need to run speaker wire from the front to the back of the room.

The Sony HT-IS100 surround system will be available in July for about $700. See more information in the official press release.

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  1. Maybe it is a really large strawberry?

    Given that a typical surround sound setup uses the woofer for pumping bass energy that permeates through the structure and a large center for dialog (when watching a video) I could see a small speaker handling directional information and high frequencies, even though that speaker is really, well, small.

    But without the other speakers I would be very skeptical. I would still want to hear it before buying, hard to believe they would not sound at least a little “tinny”.

  2. Yes, this is definitely one of those “hear it to believe it” products. It would be interesting to give them a try. I think the idea is awesome, so let’s hope the sound quality is ok.

    Thanks for your comments folks!

  3. I’m interested to hear what these sound like. I know Bose is what every has now adays, but I’ve never really been that impressed. I do like the options on this to run wireless to other rooms

  4. I work at a store wher wee have it on display they are unbeliveble, the feel biger the sound it’s clear and loud the only thing it’s the subwofer wich is realy big in comparison with the satelites.

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