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Watchmen Collector's Edition Boxed Set

Watchmen Collector’s Edition Boxed Set

The Watchmen Collector’s Edition Boxed Set consists of the original 12 issues reproduced as oversized, single-issue hardcovers. It also has high-quality recolored pages from The Absolute Edition. This is a must for fans and those who have not read it will enjoy it [...]

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Spider Man Collectors Edition Yahtzee Game

Spider-Man Collector’s Edition Yahtzee Dice Game

Forget regular plain Yahtzee. Play the game with your friendly neighborhood Spider-Man with the Spider-Man Collector’s Edition Yahtzee Dice Game. Everyone’s favorite dice game now has a Marvel/Spider-Man theme. It comes with a custom Spider-Man dice cup, 5 [...]

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PacMan Collectors Edition Yahtzee

Pac-Man Collector’s Edition Yahtzee

Pac-Man fans can enjoy the little yellow dot-gobbling hero off of the screen with this Pac-Man Collector’s Edition Yahtzee game. It won’t cost you any quarters either. Just like regular Yahtzee, you will shake up winning combinations like a Full House and [...]

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God of War: Ascension Collector’s Edition

Fans of the God of War series for the Playstation 3 will want to order this God of War: Ascension Collector’s Edition. It’s a prequel to the popular God of War video game series and reveals the details of Kratos’ initial betrayal by Ares while human, and [...]

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Marvel Collector’s Edition iPhone 5 Cases

The art on the Marvel Collector’s Edition iPhone 5 Cases blows me away. The colors are amazing. This is the way to protect your phone, Marvel fans. Each clip-on case features classic artwork for Spider-Man and Captain America. Spider Man’s case features his [...]

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Inside HBO's Game of Thrones: Collector's Edition

Inside HBO’s Game of Thrones: Collector’s Edition

We already saw the Inside HBO’s Game of Thrones Hardcover, but today (November 13, 2012) comes a brand-new release: Inside HBO’s Game of Thrones: Collector’s Edition. In addition to the hardcover book on the making of the TV series for HBO, this set also [...]

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Marvel Cinematic Universe Phase One - Avengers Assembled 10-Disc Six-Movie Set

Marvel Cinematic Universe: Phase One – Avengers Assembled (10-Disc Six-Movie Collector’s Set)

Okay Marvel fans. This is the Blu-Ray set that you have been waiting for. The Marvel Cinematic Universe: Phase One – Avengers Assembled (10-Disc Six-Movie Collector’s Set) will give you six amazing Marvels movies in one amazing set. And it comes in Nick [...]

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KISS Mr. Potato Head Collector's Set

KISS Mr. Potato Head Collector’s Set

Fans of Gene Simmons and KISS are going to love this wacky set of spuds. The KISS Mr. Potato Head Collector’s Set has all of the band members in Mr. Potato Head form. You get the Demon, Starchild (Or in this case starch-child?), Spaceman, and Catman. Of course [...]

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Futurama Collector’s Edition Yahtzee Dice Game

Futurama Collector’s Edition Yahtzee Dice Game

Yahtzee is a classic game. We’ve all played it at one point or another. And now, just like Monopoly, Yahtzee is getting all kinds of special editions, so that there is a version for everyone. This Futurama Collector’s Edition Yahtzee Dice Game will have [...]

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The Muppets Collector's Edition Yahtzee Game

The Muppets Collector’s Edition Yahtzee Game

GeekAlerts knows more about dice than Andrew Dice Clay. While you may have enjoyed seeing the Hello Kitty, Super Mario Bros., and Nightmare Before Christmas Collector’s Edition Yahtzee games, this next one is going make you want to sing “Mahna [...]

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Seinfeld Clue Collector's Edition

Seinfeld Clue Collector’s Edition

What’s the deal with…Seinfeld? It was a good show about nothing. This Seinfeld Clue Collector’s Edition may not prove as funny as the show, but it should entertain diehard fans. Plus, it is about something. Find out who did it! Newman is blackmailing [...]

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USAopoly The Beatles Monopoly

The Beatles Collector’s Edition Monopoly

GeekAlerts has shown you plenty of cool monopoly edition games (Nightmare Before Christmas, Hello Kitty, AC/DC, Metallica), but none may touch as many people as The Beatles Collector’s Edition Monopoly. From USAopoly, you get a chance to enjoy the world’s most [...]

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The Beatles Puzzle Collector’s Edition

The Beatles For Sale Puzzle Collector’s Edition

Beatles fans from past and present know that there will never be another rock band quite like them. The music, the vibe, and the entire experience are something that cannot be duplicated. An English rock band was formed in Liverpool in the early 60s, but the memories [...]

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Family Guy Collector's Edition Clue

Family Guy Collector’s Edition Clue

You know the classic board game, now get ready to play it with a Family Guy twist with the Family Guy Collector’s Edition Clue game. The game is a Family Guy Themed mystery with special Family Guy themed pieces and cards. The Griffins have a dinner party and who [...]

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Metallica Collector's Edition Monopoly

Metallica Collector’s Edition Monopoly

Who would have thought that we’d ever see the day when there was some sort of product out there stamped with Metallica and Monopoly on one box? Play the classic, entrepreneurial game with a twist with the Metallica Collector’s Edition Monopoly board game. [...]

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Marvel Collector's Edition iPhone 4 Clip Cases

Marvel Collector’s Edition iPhone 4 Clip Cases

Comic book fans need to protect their iPhone 4 just like anybody else, they just have some cooler case choices. Like these Marvel Collector’s Edition iPhone 4 Clip Cases. They look super geeky and awesome. They come in Captain America, Wolverine, Spider-Man, Iron [...]

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Futurama Collector's Edition Monopoly

Futurama Collector’s Edition Monopoly Game

I’ll admit that I didn’t like Futurama the first time I saw it (although I don’t remember why), and then I ignored it for many years. In the last couple years I finally watched again and realized I had been missing out on a great show. Thanks to reruns [...]

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Operation Family Guy Collector's Edition Game

Operation: Family Guy Collector’s Edition

For all the Family Guy fans out there, this edition of Operation is sure to put a smile on your face.  Operation: Family Guy Collector’s Edition  is a perfect way to see what’s going on inside Peter Griffin.  Remember the time he wished all his bones away [...]

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Yahtzee Super Mario Collector's Edition

Super Mario Collector’s Edition Yahtzee Game

With the Yahtzee Super Mario Collector’s Edition, you can enjoy the shake, score, and shout dice game with a Super Mario twist. You get custom dice to make the game more colorful and fun. The Super Mario Brothers question mark box doubles as a custom dice cup and [...]

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