Space Invaders T-Shirt

Space Invaders T-Shirt

If you are a fan of classic arcade games, you’ll want this Space Invaders T-Shirt. It would go great with other accessories like the Space Invaders Belt Buckle or the Duct Tape Wallet, if you are lucky enough to already own those. It pictures a scene near the beginning of a game where a number of invaders are already gone, and the defense bunkers are shot up.

Arcade T-ShirtOne may question the strategy of the player in this game of space invaders, as a block of aliens from the middle are missing and I’ve always found it better to shoot out the sides first. By knocking out side columns completely, the group of invaders have further to go to reach the side of the screen, making it easier for you to blast more of them.

Another cool retro arcade gaming t-shirt they have is the 25¢ Push To Reject tee. This vintage looking shirt is fun for any fan of coin-op arcade game machines.

Both of these high-quality 100% cotton t-shirts are available in your choice of a number of different colors. These tee shirts are designed and professionally silkscreen printed in the USA.

The Space Invaders T-Shirt and the Push To Reject T-Shirt are available for $6 each at

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  1. Cool T-shirt with LED lights! There is always someone with such a shirt at the disco! Love it!

  2. I can’t find anything about LEDs and for $6 its impossible to produce.

    But the t-shirt is still cool. ^^

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