Space Invaders Soap and Sponge Set

Space Invaders Soap and Sponge Set

Just like you pew pew pew the aliens in the Space Invaders game, pew pew pew the dirt off using this Space Invaders Soap and Sponge Set.

Let the Space Invaders help clean you off in the shower. This Space Invaders Soap Set will let you clean up in a retro arcade way, while paying homage to the popular classic 8-bit Space Invaders game.

You get Space Invaders-themed shower gel and a sponge. The invaders aren’t all bad if they are helping you clean. Only $8.99 from Entertainment Earth and $11.99 at

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Conner Flynn

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3 Responses to “Space Invaders Soap and Sponge Set”

  1. Stocking stuffers for my younger brothers, maybe they will take more showers lol

  2. Where can I buy thus in UK?

  3. Can anyone tell me if this product is actually a sponge set and nor just a soap on a rope please? I ordered one from another website and when it came it was a very small soap on a rope and not as described! My son was gutted as he is desperate for a space invaders bath sponge to replace one he already has!

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