SolidAlliance USB Engine Hub

SolidAlliance USB Engine Hub

Can’t sleep without the sound of an engine running? In desperate need of couple of more USB slots? Then you should take a look at the SolidAlliance USB Engine Hub.

This 2.0 USB hub is designed like the engine of a motorcycle. When plugged in into a computer it will give you the pleasure of engine noise and jumping cylinders.

Here’s a video of the SolidAlliance USB Engine Hub in action:

(Via Prylfeber)

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2 Responses to “SolidAlliance USB Engine Hub”

  1. I want one! Are you going to make one that looks like a Harley Davidson engine, Panhead. I want one of those also. Great product, where can I buy one?

  2. True Walter, a HD engine USB hub would be cool. I’m not sure where the SolidAlliance one is available, anyone else who knows?

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