R2-D2 USB Hub

R2-D2 Hub

R2-D2 is probably the most trustworthy droid ally there is. That’s why he’s been transformed into a reliable R2-D2 USB Hub offering you four convenient ports.

Besides centralizing cords and flash drives that would otherwise clutter your computer’s various USB ports, this R2-D2 USB Hub has another outstanding feature: he makes sound effects upon each USB connection. I’ll take R2-D2’s boopity-beeps any day over C-3PO’s whiny voice. I guess that’s why they didn’t make a C-3PO equivalent.

star wars R2-D2 USB Hub

Star Wars R2-D2 USB Hub

  • Official Star Wars R2-D2 4-Port USB Hub
  • 4 USB 2.0 ports along the base of his chassis
  • Chirps, squeals and beeps when you plug a new device into him
  • Articulated legs allow R2 to stand up straight, or recline
  • Powered by the USB bus, so a power supply isn’t necessary for operation
  • Some high-powered USB devices may need extra power, so R2 accepts a 7.5V external power supply (not included)

R2-D2 also makes a fun-loving desk accessory that can be played with by moving his legs back and forth.

The R2-D2 USB Hub can be found at several stores. It is available at ThinkGeek.com for $39.99, NeatoShop for $45.95, Newegg.com $47.99, Toys R Us for $39.99 and Amazon.com for $35.20.

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