Sizzling Bacon Candle

Sizzling Bacon Candles

For bacon lovers everywhere, this product will drive you crazy as it overloads your senses with the smell of bacon. The Sizzling Bacon Candle allows you to enjoy that fresh bacon smell whenever you please; not just when you wake up in the morning.  With approximately 70 hours of burn time, this candle will help keep your calorie count down and your love for bacon up as you burn this candle 24/7.

Sizzling Bacon Candle

You may have seen bacon-scented candles before, but these are a horse of a different color, so to speak. Most candles are made from cheap chinese wax, and filled with a chemical cocktail of synthetic furanones and polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons. Nasty. These premium scented candles are long-lasting and made from actual rendered bacon fat using a top-secret process that preserves bacon’s natural aromas and essential oils.

  • Bacon-scented candles made with actual rendered bacon
  • 4 inches high, 3 inches in diameter
  • Approximately 70 hours of long burn time
  • 100% hand poured, hand packaged and lead-free
  • Comes in an attractive and safe tin

You can purchase the Sizzling Bacon Candle at ThinkGeek for $15.99. Checkout these other scented candles that are sure to add to your sweet tooth cravings: Hershey’s Syrup Scented Candle, Chocolate Chip Cookie Melts and Box of Chocolate Candles.

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