Root Vue Farm

Root Vue Farm

The Root Vue Farm makes a great decoration for your home or office. Why have a ordinary plant, when you can show your interest in science and love of Mother Earth with this cool underground garden laboratory. This Root Vue Farm is also an ideal gift for children to learn more about growing plants by seeing all the underground action. In fact, this learning “toy” won multiple awards including Oppenheim Gold and the Dr. Toy Award!

We all remember ant farms, which allowed us to see the underground activity of ants digging tunnels. Just as those made ants more interesting, the Root Vue Farm makes gardening much more interesting to children. Use this as an opportunity to teach kids in fun ways. They not only can learn about agriculture and growing their own fresh, healthy vegetables, but you can also teach them more fundamental lessons about taking care of the environment.

Root Vue Farm

The Root Vue Farm is a self-watering grow unit with a special viewing window so kids can watch roots develop underground. Watch carrot, radish, and onion seeds grow up as their roots grow down. The complete kit includes a durable styrofoam growing unit with acrylic viewing window, built-in water basin and drainage reservoir. A light shield keeps plants growing but can be removed for viewing roots. Eight super-expanding grow mix wafers feed your plants the nutrients they need to grow. Finally, you’ll get three packets of seeds (carrot, radish, onion), identification labels, water wicks for the self-watering system and a 16 page booklet with complete instructions and experiments.

Rootvue Farm Kit

Root Vue Farm

  • Self-watering grow unit with special viewing window
  • See the magic of roots growing underneath the ground
  • Watch carrot, radish, and onion seeds grow up and roots grow down
  • Rootvue Farm Kit Includes:
    • Durable styrofoam growing unit with acrylic viewing window, built-in water basic, and drainage reservoir
    • Water wicks for self-watering system
    • Light shield (to cover plant roots when you’re not observing)
    • ID labels
    • Eight super-expanding grow mix wafers
    • Three packets of seeds (carrot, radish, and onion)
    • 16 page booklet with instructions and experiments

Order the Root Vue Farm from for $32.99.

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