Razor Spark Emitting Electric Scooter

Spark Emitting Electric Scooter

I think scooters are a fun and relatively safer way for your kids to travel short distances (as opposed to skateboards. But that’s just in my opinion.) However, I know some kids who prefer boards because of the “cool” factor. Well, the Razor Spark Emitting Electric Scooter is the answer to that, because this scooter isn’t lacking at all in terms of coolness.

You can start your kids off young with the Vespa Scooter Retro Rocker and then get them one of these Spark Emitting Electric Scooters when they’re old enough. And of course, since the scooter is geared towards kids, the sparks are perfectly harmless, so don’t worry about them.

Spark Emitting Electric Scooter

Razor Spark Emitting Electric Scooter

This is the scooter that creates a harmless sparkling display as children zoom down the street. Built by Razor, the premier name in modern scooters, this version features a high-torque chain drive motor to reach safe speeds of 10 MPH. A rechargeable battery powers up to 40 minutes of continuous ride time, while a twist-grip throttle in the handlebar controls speed and a hand-operated front brake ensures young riders stay in control. With an 8″ pneumatic front wheel, and 125 mm polyurethane rear wheel, this scooter overcomes sidewalk irregularities with ease and delivers a smooth ride.

The Razor Spark Emitting Electric Scooter is available from Hammacher Schlemmer for $189.95.

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  1. One of the things I like most about a Razor scooter is that it can go almost anywhere.

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