id America Spark In-Ear Headphones Review

We recently got a chance to test out id America’s Spark Aluminum In-ear Headphones. I’ve been using them for a little over a week and I will now let you know my thoughts on these unusual In-Ear headphones. You might know id America for their unusual iPhone cases and these headphones certainly live up to those as far as design.

spark headphones

As you might have guessed by the name, the look here was inspired by spark plugs. They look great and are made of lightweight aluminum. You have your choice of nine different colors. Given the design and color options, they will certainly stand out and get you noticed. In a good way. But do they sound as good as they look? The answer is yes.

I listen to a little bit of everything, with an emphasis on classic rock and these headphones make it all sound better. The Sparks headphones offer a warm bass sound thanks to dynamic drivers and in general it made everything sound a bit warmer, a bit clearer and sharper.

spark headphones

As for comfort, you won’t be disappointed. You get 3 sizes of extra tips: small, medium and large. There won’t be any problem with having it fit just right. At first I felt like the aluminum housing had too much weight, but it was never a problem. They stay in place nicely and won’t slip out of your ear. Also in the box is a nice leather hard cylindrical carrying case, which is a great way to protect them when not in use.

spark headphones

Being a fan of classic rock, I could not wait to listen to some Pink Floyd with these headphones. Compared to the stock earbuds that come with, say your iDevice or other gadget, these open up a whole new world of sound to you. You can hear every layer of sound effects along with the music, and the whole experience is much richer. Same thing with AC/DC–take any of their classic songs and these headphones amp things up by several notches. These make all music sound better, but especially anything that is layered and complex. Classical music sounds amazing as well.

Right now they are as low as $28.99 from Amazon ($59.99 regular price) and well worth your purchase. I would strongly recommend them to any music fan.

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