R2-D2 Customized TOMS Shoes

R2D2 Shoes

I think TOMS shoes became a huge success not solely because of their designs, but also for their cause. If you’re unaware, TOMS backs the One for One movement: every time you purchase a pair, they give one pair away to a child in need. So what do you get when you cross a great pair of shoes (with a great cause) with one of the most notable characters from the Star Wars franchise?

These awesome R2-D2 Customized Toms Shoes! Each pair will be painted with acrylic paint and then treated with varnish to make sure that they don’t fade or wash away easily. They’re all custom-made, so you’d have to contact the designer, Don Hogan, with regards to your size and which color TOMS you’d like your pair to be. The ones you see above were painted over navy blue TOMS, which I think is a very fitting color.

These R2D2 Customized Toms Shoes are available on Etsy for $125 a pair.

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  1. i want these

  2. I love this shoes,TOMS shoes is a trendy new fashion movement which falls upon one simple idea. For every pair of buy toms shoes that are purchased by a consumer, a new pair of shoes will be delivered to a child in need.

  3. my best shoes…:)

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