Quantum Scale

Quantum Scale

Simple, clear, and smart. Those are the top three words that you can use to describe the Quantum Scale. For obvious reasons, it’s simple because of its design and neat logo. It’s clear because the large display shows the information you’re looking for in huge digits. But why is it smart?

Well, instead of displaying your current weight all the time, the Quantum Scale displays the amount of weight you’ve either lost or gained every time you step on it. All you need to do is register your current weight the first time you use it, and it just displays your overall weight loss or weight gain the next time you step on it. Perfect for weight watchers and for people who can’t stand to read off another depressing figure off of the scale.

But when you’re ready to go to the real world of real weight readings, you check out the Wall Projecting Scale and Wi-Fi Bathroom Scale instead.

Well, in a manner of speaking it is because the Quantum Scale is a revolutionary bathroom scale that doesn’t show your weight. Why? Because losing weight is difficult enough without having to gawp at a depressing number every time you step on board. That’s why the Quantum only displays the amount of weight you’ve lost or gained.

Already generating rave reviews across the pond, this stylish digital gizmo registers (but doesn’t display) your weight the very first time you use it. Just tap to start and you’re away. From that point on it uses internal jiggery-pokery to calculate and display loss/gain every time you step aboard.

The Quantum Scale is available from Firebox for $79.39.

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  1. I want to know – when I weigh myself the evening I got my scale it read 1-0 – the next day then the following 4 days 1,5 – the next day 2,2 – then 1,4 – So did i gain some weight and if so why is it not a plus sign. Please help me understand Thank you

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