Peeping Cthulhu Suction Cup Plush

Peeping Cthulhu Suction Cup Plush

Fans of H. P. Lovecraft and the Cthulhu Mythos will enjoy this cute Peeping Cthulhu Suction Cup Plush. More cute than scary, this 7 inch plush toy is a great choice for Lovecraft fans that get creeped-out by the more frightening renditions of Cthulhu.

Peeping Cthulhu Suction Cup Plush

Cthulhu is watching you! Best to keep the blinds closed and any secrets covered, for the Old One is at the window. Don’t turn your back to this Peeping Cthulhu, a cute and colorful plush that proves that even the Great Cthulhu himself has a voyeuristic side. Whether looking inside your house, through your shower door, outside your bedroom, or just staring down drivers in the cars behind you with his evil gaze, this 7″ tall suction-cup plush will produce many smiles. So, suck it up and get yourself one of these Cthulhu plush toys!

Available to pre-order for $12.99 at, the Peeping Cthulhu Suction Cup Plush is scheduled to ship sometime in March 2011.

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