Omnio Wow-Keys – A Keyboard for Your iPhone


I don’t know about you but my big sausage fingers aren’t very iPhone friendly when it comes to texting, but the Omnio Wow-Keys let me enjoy texting on my phone while letting me hang with my old familiar buddy, the desktop-style keyboard.

Forget about those little digi-keys because this nifty thing lets you use an actual keyboard to input text into your iPhone and PC simultaneously, providing intuitive buttons and 12 hotkeys for your iPhone.

In addition to gaining a whole new dimension of texting power, a USB cable lets you charge your iPhone and synchronize your iTunes.

Best of all, while it looks like a desktop keyboard, you’ll be typing on laptop-style soft keys. It’s like the best of all three worlds rolled into one.

Omnio Wow-Keys

  • Easy keyboard text input into an iPhone and PC simultaneously
  • Intuitive buttons and 12 hotkeys for iPhone
  • Button for direct switching between PC and iPhone mode
  • USB charging and iTunes synchronization by keyboard’s USB cable
  • Utilize various iPhone applications on the PC (not included)
  • Laptop style soft keys

Need even more incentive to get the Omnio Wow-Keys? The Wow-Keys is currently on sale for 71% off. It’s usually listed for $79.99, but you can get it right now for $23 at

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