Narwhal Horn Mints

Futurama Narwhal Horn Mints

For all you Futurama fans out there, you will appreciate the Narwhal Horn Mints almost as much as Fry would.  Remember that trip back in time when Fry tried his hardest to capture Leelu, the Narwhal which actually represents his love for Leela; the one eyed Planet Express space captain.  Long story short, Fry releases Leelu and tries to get over his love for Leela.  Even though he still has Bender, I’m sure he would like to put his lips around these tasty Narwhal Horn Mints; even if it is just for old times’ sake!

Futurama Leelu Narwhal Horn Mints

Narwhal Horn Mints

  • Mints shaped like narwhal horns!
  • The unicorns of the sea!
  • Perfect for combating stinky fish breath.
  • Net Wt. 0.88oz (about 10 mints)
  • Mint Horns Dimensions: 2.375″ long
  • Tin Dimensions: 2.75″ x 1.625″ x 0.5″

You can purchase the tasty Narwhal Horn Mints at ThinkGeek for $3.99.  Looking for some other tasty mints, try Balls Mints.

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