MythBusters Buster Action Figure

MythBusters Buster Action Figure

If you watch the Discovery Channel TV Series Mythbusters, then you know Buster, the crash test dummy frequently used in experiments on the show. Now you can have your very own MythBusters Buster Action Figure. This 8 inch tall crash test dummy action figure allows you to pretend to be Adam or Jamie, and conduct experiments on your very own Buster. Surely there are some myths in your office that need busting.

MythBusters’ “Buster” Action Figure is the guy who really takes all the knocks Jamie and Adam would otherwise suffer. Buster is the ultimate crash test dummy, and now you can set the Buster Action Figure up for your own myth-busting tests.

MythBusters Buster Action Figures are available exclusively at the Discovery Store. Normally they cost $19.95, but right now they are on sale for just $9.99. Sounds like an amazing deal at 50% off, but it gets even better. If you place your order by December 2, 2012, you can save an additional 45% off with Discovery Store Promo Code CYBERWK. This makes this Buster action figure only $5.49–72% off of list price!

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