Lite Cubes Light Up Ice Cubes

Lite Cubes Light Up Ice Cubes

Ice cubes do a great job of keeping drinks cold but those frosty squares can get boring fast because cold is all they do. The Lite Cubes Light Up Ice Cubes add a little color to the cold, heating up any party, soirée, or shindig they’re used at.

At first glance, they might seem like conventional ice cubes, but the Lite Cubes are really plastic squares with a freezable gel inside. Oh… they light up, too. Did I mention that? If not, blame the fact that I’ve been testing these little beauties with my favorite cocktail… or a few favorite cocktails.

The Lite Cubes can display up to eight different colors and you can either select your favorite color or switch to color-changing mode by simply pressing the button on the bottom of the cube. Of course, since the cubes are square, ‘bottom’ is subjective and the button could actually be on what appears to be the top, or even the side. Regardless of direction, just hit that button to work some lighting magic.

Lite Cubes Light Up Ice Cubes

  • Each package includes three cubes.
  • Size of each cube: 3 x 3 x 3 cm / 1.17 x 1.17 x 1.17 inches.
  • Material: Plastic and perfectly food-safe non-toxic gel.
  • Make sure you rinse the cubes with water before and after each use.
  • No batteries required.

Liven up your parties with the Lite Cubes Light Up Ice Cubes for 14,85€ / $19.90 / £12.62 from Curiosite.

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