Light-Up! Pumpkin Ice Cubes

Light-Up! Pumpkin Ice Cubes

Halloween is right around the corner. It’s one of my favorite times of the year because it’s when we all get to dress up and be people (or objects or characters) that we otherwise wouldn’t normally dress up as (unless you enjoy being gawked at, that is.) To add an eerie punch to your drinks at your Halloween party this year, we re recommend using these Light-Up! Pumpkin Ice Cubes.

The Light-Up! Pumpkin Ice Cubes glow an eerie orange, illuminating the smiling Jack-o-Lantern. Thank goodness it doesn’t feature pumpkins with extremely creepy faces or expressions. Complete the party by serving up some Vampire Cake and decorating your entire place with these LED Blood Drip Candles.

Light-Up! Pumpkin Ice Cubes

Light-Up! Pumpkin Ice Cubes

The night will come alive with the spirit of your spirit. Well, the spirits in your drink we mean. Whatever your poison, these Pumpkin Cubes will shine through the darkness of your rum, whiskey, diet coke, iced tea, or lemon water. The bright orange spheres of fall will make it known to everyone that you are the keeper of the Halloween Candy. All the Halloween parties in the world will seem completely naked without these Ice Cubes. They really throw the party completely on their own. The light is so bright and even has 2 modes: Flashing and Static On. Simply press the button and and you’ll get what you seek.

The Light-Up! Pumpkin Ice Cubes are available from for $2.29.

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