Life-Sized Tyrannosaurus Rex Dinosaur Replica

Life-Sized Tyrannosaurus Rex Dinosaur Replica

So you want to outcool your neighbors Camarasaurus replica? No problem, that plant eater doesn’t stand a chance against this creature.

It says Available Soon under the dimensions part of the product description, but the info from Wikipedia should give you a good idea of what to expect:

…it was the largest known tyrannosaurid and one of the largest known land predators, measuring nearly 13 metres (43 feet) in length and up to 6.8 metric tons (7.5 short tons) in weight.

The impressive Life-Sized Tyrannosaurus Rex Dinosaur Replica is available from Drinkstuff for £28,999.99 (about $60,427 USD).

It’s hand built by the supplier, which means 3-4 months for delivery.

Life-Sized Tyrannosaurus Rex Dinosaur Replica

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  1. coool !!!!!!!!!!@@

  2. hey

    good pics.
    well done

  3. c’mon…way too realistic!

  4. i think google is sooo cool and has gave me lots of infomation in the past so thank you very much google holder!

    Jasmine Yan,
    write back soon!

  5. Are you kidding me!?!?!…This looks absurd for that price!

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