Unstoppable T-Rex Figurine

Unstoppable T Rex Figurine

Tyrannosaurus Rex; the most feared dinosaur that ever roamed the Earth… or at least he would’ve been if the other dinosaurs hadn’t been laughing at his tiny arms. The Unstoppable T-Rex Figurine gives a peek at what could’ve happened if the giant-headed dino had gotten his tiny hands on a simple piece of modern technology.

Those extendable claws that were created to get items off top shelves and antagonize siblings while staying far enough away to avoid their vengeance become a source of joyous celebration for the now-unstoppable T-Rex, as he falls to his knees and roars to the world that he truly is the king of the dinosaurs now.

Unstoppable T-Rex Figurine

  • Dimensions (in inches): 3.78 w x 5.118 d x 4.18 h
  • Material: Full Color Sandstone

The Unstoppable T-Rex Figurine is available for $49.95 at ShapeWays.

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