KeyShark USB Keylogger

KeyShark USB Keylogger

The USB KeyShark is a computer spy accessory that falls under the category “Just because you’re paranoid, it doesn’t mean they’re not out to get you”.

The small device plugs in between a keyboard and the computer, making it possible to record every single keystroke being made. Over a year’s worth of data can be stored on the 4MB built-in memory.

A microcontroller interprets the data, and stores information in memory and just like a USB key drive will retain information even without being connected to a power source.

To access the recorded data, you simply type menu in a text editor and the KeyShark comes to life. A menu is displayed with options to erase data, view data, search data for keywords, change password, or disable the device.

KeyShark USB Keylogger


  • Portable – move it from computer to computer.
  • Installs in seconds – Just plug it in.
  • Uses no system resources. Truly runs in the background.
  • Works with all PC operating systems with USB keyboards.
  • Data is retained even during system lock-ups and power outages.
  • No Software to learn. Use in conjunction with programs you already know.
  • Fully undetectable and can store over a year’s worth of data. 4MB internal memory.
  • Records password and every keystroke ever pressed including special characters.

Possible applications:

  • Monitoring childrens internet activity
  • Monitoring staff activity (where legal)
  • Find out useful information
  • Useful for computer programmers to recover code in case of power failure and computer error.

The Thumbs Up website has the USB KeyShark keylogger listed with a suggested retail price of £49.99 (about $98 USD).

Don’t forget:
KeyShark is not intended for breaking into computers or for causing harm.

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6 Responses to “KeyShark USB Keylogger”

  1. Well, if I seen one on a PC I think I would um… borrow it 😀

    Don’t know if I want to pay $100 for something that will probably be stolen… Well that is unless I want to log my own keystrokes!

  2. Dear potential Customers! Beware of this device!

    1) This seems to be not a KeyShark logger… it’s rather old model of KeeLog’s KeeLogger Flash USB sell illegally under a different brand name (KeyShark is KeeLog’s competitor). For similar price you can get new model which is smaller, improved firmware, compatibility and functionality (memory up to 2GB).

    2) Published photo is surely not real – it was edited in Photoshop to get a bit different appearance… just compare it with original version presented at or new model presented at



  3. yeah… stuff presented on seems to be more sophisticated… I’ve asked them about wholesale pricing and it’s 2-3 times less than offered in retail. Good chance for shop owners like me (semi-wholesallers buyin 10-25 pcs).

  4. don’t waste your money… there is an open source projec published on

  5. hardware??? i think a keylogger software is more helpful and safer.

  6. Hardware keylogger Reply December 22, 2010 at 1:52 pm

    Usb key logger is better tools for key logging having 4 mb memory which can contain more than 50,000 key stroke easily.

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