Jelly Belly Cocktail Mix

Jelly Belly Cocktail Mix

People who enjoy the fruity flavor of their favorite booze and alcohol concoctions will certainly enjoy the jelly beans in the Jelly Belly Cocktail Mix. The good thing is, people under age 21 can also get their first taste of some alcoholic favorites because not a drop of booze went into making these flavorful jelly beans.

The Jelly Belly Cocktail Mix contains jelly beans in an assortment of colors and flavors. Pop a few Mojito beans into your mouth and finish off your meal with Pomegranate Cosmopolitan jelly beans. Share some Strawberry Daiquiris with your kids and throw in some Piña Colada jelly beans if you’re feeling generous.

Jelly Belly Cocktail Mix

Jelly Belly Cocktail Mix

Few things in this world ooze charm and sophistication like a well-mixed cocktail. So when jelly bean giants Jelly Belly announced they were mixing this luscious range of cocktail flavors, we just had to have a nibble.

Wrapped in a box as sophisticated as the flavors inside, the Jelly Belly Cocktail Mix has something for everyone. Chill out with Mojito flavor. Taste the tropics with Piña Colada. Or try something a little different with a Pomegranate Cosmopolitan. Each of these delectable (and wonderfully grown-up) flavors has been mixed without any alcohol. So not only can they be enjoyed by the whole family, there’s no need to wait for happy hour. Strawberry Daiquiris all round!

The Jelly Belly Cocktail Mix is available from Firebox for $11. If you are more of a chocolate person, checkout these tasty favorites: Bacon Chocolate, Beer and Spice Chocolate Truffles and Chocolate Zombie Easter Bunny.

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