I Wish This Was Nathan Fillion T-Shirt

I Wish This Was Nathan Fillion Shirt

Nathan Fillion managed to become king of the geeks by basically being himself, making the I Wish This Was Nathan Fillion T-Shirt an obvious wardrobe choice for just about everyone because everybody wants to hang out with the man.

Nate (I call him Nate because we’re best buddies… in my mind) is known to a lot people because of the lead role in Castle, which really isn’t very geeky unless you’re into mysteries. However, it’s not the part of a mystery writer, or even a stint on a popular soap opera, that helped place him in the hearts and minds of geeks and nerds everywhere. No, Nathan Fillion’s rise to god-status can be summed up with seven words – You can’t take the sky from me. Yeah. Firefly fans just experienced a little chill.

I Wish This Was Nathan Fillion TShirt

If you want to let your friends know that you’d rather hang out with Captain Mal instead of them, you can get the I Wish This Was Nathan Fillion T-Shirt for $24.54 at RedBubble.com.

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  1. “I wish this WERE Nathan Fillion.”

  2. I would buy this in an instant if the grammar WERE correct

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