Death Wish Coffee

death wish coffee

If you’re like most of us, you probably can’t function in the morning without having several cups of coffee first. Sure the Darth Vader Dark Side Coffee sounds intimidating enough, he is a Sith Lord after all; but what about drinking something with words death wish in the title?

The Death Wish Coffee uses a coffee bean with close to 200% the amount of caffeine as your typical coffee shop coffee bean. Roasted medium-dark to order and inspect before and after the roasting process to ensure correct moisture levels, bean density, and uniformity, this bean provides a strong and robust flavor that would have Vader thinking twice about messing with it.

Disclaimer: This is not your regular morning coffee. This is not your store bought coffee. You will not find this coffee at your local diner or at your sissy Starbucks. We are dedicated to quality and guarantee that you will not find a stronger, more flavorful, organic coffee on the market anywhere or we will buy the coffee back from you. This is the best coffee for the strong. Death Wish Coffee is the most highly caffeinated premium dark roast organic coffee in the world. This is Extreme Coffee, not for the weak. Consider yourself Warned.

If you’re bold enough to try the Death Wish Coffee, you can purchase it at in a sample size (2 oz) for $2.99, 1 lb bag for $19.99 and a 5 lb bag for $80.

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  1. Coffee-craziness! If you’re looking for other types of strong coffee take a look at varieties from the Middle East… Some will knock your socks off!

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