I Heart Pho King T-Shirt

I Heart Pho King T-Shirt

If you’ve never had Phở before, you really need to try this delicious Vietnamese noodle soup. Although it is most readily available in places with a large Vietnamese population, such as Orange County, California, these days you can find pho restaurants in many large cities across the USA and Canada. Note that phở is basically pronounced like “fuh” (but with tonal shifts), so some Vietnamese restaurants came up with the punny name Pho King. Fans can show their appreciation with this funny I Heart Pho King T-Shirt.

Some of your friends might not get it right away, especially if they pronounce pho as “foe.” And if they don’t know what pho is, you’ll have a great opportunity to introduce them to something that may become one of their favorite foods. They may even declare that it is phở king delicious!

I Heart Pho King Shirts are available starting at $16.85 for the value tee at Zazzle.com. It is also available in higher quality t-shirts, ladies fit, long sleeves, polos, raglans, and hoodies. They even (very inappropriately) have this available in kids and baby sizes, in case you want to sarcastically be called a mother/father of the year.

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