Happy Bunny Mints

Happy Bunny Mint Tins

We’ve seen a lot of cool mints at GeekAlerts. From Caffeinated and Bacon Flavored or with Star Wars or Duff Beer tins. But when it comes to funny, these Happy Bunny Mints come up tops. Know someone whose breath smells like butt? There’s a mint for that. Know someone that sucks all the time? There’s a mint for that.

Better buy some of these before your friends do, because when it comes to these mints, it definitely is better to give than receive.

Happy Bunny Mints

It’s a mint with attitude! These cute Happy Bunny mints by Jim Benton feature outrageous slogans like “Please enjoy a mint. Since your breath smells like butt.” “Poison Mints for Frend” and “Would you like to suck on a mint? Since you already suck all the time.”

It’s the perfect mints to tease a friend in need of one.

Happy Bunny Mints are available for $3.95 at NeatoShop. They’re also available at Amazon.com. If you like Happy Bunny, make sure to check out the great Spaz Juice Energy Drink.

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