iFoolish iPhone Case

iFoolish Magic Drawing Case for iPhone

You’ll never be bored with the iFoolish iPhone Case. When you might get tired with all the games you have on your iPhone, just flip it over and start sketching to your heart’s desire on the iFoolish. When you want to start over, just push the switch at the bottom and watch your markings disappear like magic.

iFoolish iPhone Case

The board at the back looks similar to an Etch-a-Sketch, although the case was named differently, no doubt to avoid any trademark or licensing issues. And while it definitely is made to look like an Etch-a-Sketch, complete with the red color and two knobs, it actually functions like a Magna Doodle, because you use a magnetic stylus to draw.

Etch A Sketch Styled iPhone Case

The iFoolish iPhone Case boasts of a tagline that reads: Stay protected. Stay foolish. Stay magic. It’s no doubt a play on the famous quote that Apple’s former head honcho, Steve Jobs, uttered when he was delivering a speech.

The iFoolish iPhone Case is available online from Basic Principles for $25. It is also available at Amazon.co.uk for £16.27 with free delivery in the UK.

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