Gittler Guitar

Gittler Guitar

The minimalistic movement is big in photography and art, and it’s invading the world of music now by getting rid of everything but the essentials with the Gittler Guitar.

Forget the bulky body of old-school guitars because even the sleekest design appears cumbersome when compared to this futuristic-looking musical device.

While it’s about as minimal as you can get, the Gittler still provides everything you need to make music, including headless tuners and rounded frets with LED indicators on the tips. There’s even a detachable acrylic neck for those that want a little more something to hold onto, and a mini-tripod insures that you can get to the full 31-fret range.

This sleek guitar comes in two unique styles –

Gittler Guitar – Classic Model

  • Guitar with choice of LED color: White, Blue, Yellow
  • Custom molded metal case
  • Extra bridge
  • Tripod tummy bout
  • LOXX strap lock attachments

Gittler Guitar – “Armed Forces” Special Edition
Featuring Deluxe Tiodize Type 2 “Weapons Grade” Finish

Teflon impregnation of the base metal to provide a smooth but extremely hard exo-skeleton. This interstitial coating is electrolytically applied, providing anti-galling properties and superior surface hardness. It is used in jet aircraft turbines, helicopter rotors and military weaponry systems. It is extremely damage resistant and will rarely require cleaning or polishing.

  • Striking green LED’s
  • Special edition camouflage metal firearm case
  • Extra bridge
  • Tripod tummy bout
  • LOXX™ strap lock attachments

The Gittler Guitar will be shipping Summer 2013, but it can be pre-ordered now at Gittler Instruments. The Classic Model is $4,395 (Deposit Required: $1,800) and the “Armed Forces” Special Edition Model is $4,895 (Deposit Required: $2,300).

(via Red Ferret)

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