Air Guitar PRO – Infrared Ray Instead of Strings

Air Guitar PRO

Here’s something for those who thinks there’s too much trouble carrying a guitar around, but still a bit boring to stick with the ultra-mobile air guitar.

No Strings, Built-in Speaker, IN & OUT Media Ports, Volume Controls, Pre-Loaded 10 Songs, etc. The Air Guitar PRO is using infrared ray to replace traditional strings.

Here’s a video demonstration:

SEVEN Buttons on the Guitar Front NecK from “C, D, E, F, G, A, & B”. FOUR Buttons on the side of the Guitor Neck to represent “Major, Minor, Augmented & Diminished”. You just Press the correct keys and “Swing” your finger below the guitar, Sounds come out.

Air Guitar PRO

With the IN / OUT Media Ports, you can Plug in your Music Player (iPod, MP3 Player, etc) and Headphone, Enjoy your guitar playing everywhere you want, in the toilet, bath tube, office, travel in the train….etc. AND, Just Put more concentration on swinging the Air Guitar & Your Boby!!

Air Guitar PRO

Air Guitar PRO

  • Metallic Color Finishing: Metallic Black, Metallic Blue & Metallic Red
  • Infrared Ray Transmitter
  • SEVEN GUITAR KEYS: “C, D, E, F, G, A, & B”
  • FOUR GUITAR CHORDS: “Major, Minor, Augmented & Diminshed”

IN / OUT Media Ports: “IN” for Line-in the music player like, iPod, MP3, MMP, Computer, etc. “OUT” for Line-out to the Speaker, Amplifier, Headphone, etc.

  • Built-in Speaker
  • Volume Control
  • Pre-loaded 10 songs: “Let it Be”, “Are you gonna be my girl”…etc.
  • Work with Two AAA Batteries
  • Functions: Musical Instruments, Guitar Player
  • HxWxD(approx.): 20cm x 7cm x 3.5cm

Air Guitar PRO is available over at for $26. (Update: Link removed, because the page is gone.)

Air Guitar PRO


  1. Managed to pick one up for £6 on a site called gizmo.
    Fantastic seeing as I have a festival coming up xD will be a great way to pass the time between bands

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