Men’s Guitar Tie

Men's Guitar Tie by Game Tie in Black

This here is the Men’s Guitar Tie. So it doesn’t exactly look like a real guitar, because the real ones aren’t normally that colorful. But wouldn’t you agree that the added colors just spice things up instead? This tie doesn’t make actual sounds and all like the Electronic Guitar T-Shirt or the Piano Tie, but it does try to make up for its lack of sound with all the extra colors.

So if you’re geared for another routine, humdrum day at the office, at least put on the Men’s Guitar Tie so it won’t be completely dull and boring. At least you’ve got the power of color on your side.

Men's Guitar Tie

Men’s Guitar Tie

Have fun with your neckwear with this fine men’s necktie from Game Tie. Featuring a colorful guitar fretboard with a matte finish, this distinctive necktie is sure to get you some attention. If you rock out with your tie out, the party is approved!

The Men’s Guitar Tie is available from Amazon for $18.95.

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