Drum Your Way Through Donkey Kong

Taru-Konga drum controller

This Taru-Konga drum controller lets you pound your way through the classic Donkey Kong platform game from Nintendo – smack left drum: Donkey Kong moves left, smack right drum: Donkey Kong steps right, smack both drums: DK jumps, clap: DK claps to create a sonic boom.

Since every ape needs a snappy skill, Nintendo has given DK a clap move where banana-sized fingers create a sonic boom when the player claps two hands together.

Kong will also engage in fights from time to time and the drums are used to throw out left hooks and right jabs by hitting the left or right drum. The fighting puts the term “Jungle Beat” in a new light. Clapping makes DK bob and weave like a champ.

Donkey Kong Jungle Beat + Taru Konga

The Donkey Kong Jungle Beat + Taru Konga game is yours for $38.90 from the National Console Support, Inc. website.

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  1. nice..donkey kong drum 😀
    U think Im gonna love this game…

  2. i could play all day

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