Discreet 2GB Pen

Discreet 2GB Pen

This discreet multifunction ballpoint pen features 2GB of memory storage and a built-in microphone capable of recording up to 64 hours of audio.

You can also use it to store files or to play songs in MP3 or WMA format. The Discreet 2GB Pen is available from SkyMall for $89.99.

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9 Responses to “Discreet 2GB Pen”

  1. So it is like a MP3?

  2. Kind of…you can use it as an MP3 player if you wish.

  3. where can I find in maimi

  4. you can buy from skymall.com or mycompuflash.com

  5. Thanks for the tips, Peter!

  6. This is an english speaking website-learn the language or don’t post comments.

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