Creepy Cuddlers Series Zombies Plush Set

Creepy Cuddlers Zombies Plush Set

I don’t really think it’s a good idea to give your child a scare or two with creepy and gross-looking plush toys, although they make for fun gifts for adults who can handle the gore. Much like the Road Kill Toys, these Creepy Cuddlers Series Zombies Plush Set are oh-so-plushy and totally undead.

My favorite plush out of the three in the Creepy Cuddlers Series Zombies Plush Set has got to be Zach, the green dude with a shirt that has a brain on it. The set includes the zombie couple, with their undead pet rounding it up. These plush toys will definitely make for an entertaining display.

Creepy Cuddlers Zombies Plush Set

Creepy Cuddlers Zombies Plush Set

These loveably freaky, ghoulishly cute zombies are the latest additions to the Creepy Cuddlers family. The trio of characters includes Deathmittens- an undead feline with an exposed radius bone, bandaged tail, and sits 6-inches tall. Zach and Ophelia- both feature real cloth clothing and skin that has “decayed” patches exposing the corduroy “sinew” below and measures 8 1/2-inches tall.

  • Creepy Cuddlers Zombies are ghoulishly cute!
  • Cuter in death!
  • Colorful and adorable!

TheĀ Creepy Cuddlers Zombies Plush Set is available from Entertainment Earth for $33.99.

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