Coloud Headphones Giveaway

Coloud Colors Red HeadphonesLast week we wrote about the cool colored and aptly named Coloud Colors Headphones and now one lucky winner will be able to win a pair of Red Coloud Colors Headphones. These headphones offer great comfort and sound quality at an affordable price, come in 7 fashionable colors (red, white, black, green, blue, purple and pink) to fit any user’s personal style and daily wardrobe selection, and feature a 3.5mm jack with a microphone / remote function compatible with devices including iPhone, Blackberry and HTC phones and more so you can answer calls in between listening to your favorite hits.

No purchase is necessary. Simply add a comment on this post before 11:59 PM PDT, October 27, 2011 to enter the sweepstakes. Limit of one entry per person / email address (we will be checking). Must be at least 18 years old and a legal resident of the United States. See the Official Rules for all the legal details.

Use a valid email address in the Email field of the comment form, otherwise we won’t be able to contact you if you win. Don’t worry, email addresses are not displayed, sold, shared, or added to any mailing lists.

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Update 10/28/11: There were a total of 82 entries (after removing any duplicates and/or late entries) and the winner has been randomly selected and notified by email.

Update 11/1/11: The prize was shipped to the winner: Patty L. from Milwaukee, WI.

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83 Responses to “Coloud Headphones Giveaway”

  1. Sounds great! XD

  2. Yayyyyyyy 😀

  3. I likah do da cha-cha like a sissy girl.

  4. So pretty!

  5. Cool!! Love this site.

  6. Awesome!!

  7. Karl Huttenmeister Reply October 22, 2011 at 12:13 am

    My dog ate my old headphones! Lucky he doesn’t like red things! Perfect!

  8. ooh yes please!

  9. Bright!

  10. I could really use some headphones and these are pretty cool.

  11. I need a new pair of headphones… the jack for my ear buds came off in my mp3 player. ^.^”

  12. These look awesome!

  13. So cool that it is amazing!

  14. Thanx!

  15. Those are so cool! I’m thinking I need a pair even if I don’t win them!

  16. I would lov to have this for an xmas present for my husband

  17. I’d love to have those!

  18. *Jedi mind trick* Brianna will win the head phones…

  19. Wow, those look incredibly comfortable.

  20. Me me me! 🙂 I love this site

  21. Love these headphones!

  22. I need me some headphones!

  23. I could really use these, and with our money all tied up between the impending move and our new baby winning is probably the only way I’ll get them any time soon. Come on good luck!

  24. Obligatory post pretending to be enthusiastic about the product but not looking to win it, even though that’s all my intentions are!

  25. I feel like GeekAlerts is taunting me with all their headphones giveaways.

  26. Pick me!!!

  27. I’d love to win these!! They look sexy.

  28. cool, red headphones.

  29. I would love a new pair of headphones! Great giveaway!

  30. I love the pink 🙂

  31. My earphones are starting to give out and these would be the perfect replacement. Plus with actually headphones, maybe I could drown out some more noise on the commute to work!

  32. Kavitakumari Solanki Reply October 23, 2011 at 9:49 am

    Dibs on the red one!!!

  33. Id very much like those please.

  34. So these are pretty cool.

  35. Hmmm I wonder what black looks like… Those headphones seem cool! (:

  36. Carl Penisberg is going love these.

  37. Nice, sleek headphones. My ears would very thankful…

  38. the colours in these headphones are awesome, and the red especially lets everyone know you’ve got some beats pumping

  39. I really love free giveaways and if it comes under my name that makes me more happy. LOL

  40. Sign me up!

  41. Those are awesome headphones!

  42. awesome, thanks!!

  43. choose me, choose me!!!

  44. Those look completely fab!

  45. They come in green? I want one

  46. OOOO Red’s my favorite color : )

  47. blue is definitely the best of the colors

  48. I would love to have a pair of these!

  49. Awesome giveaway, would like to enter the giveaway.

  50. These are freakin’ awesome! I want! I want! I want!!!

  51. Oh wow. How awesome!

  52. I love it : )

  53. Thanks for doing all these contests! This is really cool, hope I have a chance of winning!

  54. I would love to win these for two reasons. 1) I love the old school big headphones. 2) It would help me drown out the sounds of my co-workers, especially the one that snores in his office and sounds like a bear trapped in an echo chamber.

  55. these are so awesome. 🙂

  56. Omg, yessssss!

  57. We need new headphones! These are fierce!

  58. These are super nice looking!!! 🙂

  59. I am sooooooo down for this

  60. Me likey! I was just laid off today, so this would make me the happiest girl in the world.

  61. These would really up my swag-level!

  62. Awesome! I’m in need of a new pair of headphones after my daughter hid my other ones.

  63. Go ahead color my day with a set of Colouds!

  64. I won! xD <3! Love them!

  65. I LOVE this page! AND I really, really, really want those cool headphones!

  66. SWEET! They can match my pumped up kix!!

  67. Functional and fashionable. Win.

  68. This is AMAZING!

  69. Pick me, pick me, I’m pretty just like the headphones.

  70. Oooohhh, they’re so cool! Plus mine just died and I’m one of those people between jobs. I’m never lucky so I usually don’t try but I’ve really got my fingers and toes crossed! ^__^

  71. Ohhhh, what a fantastic idea. Everyone should be able to rock out at work in style!

  72. Oh man! My hubby would LOOOOVE these! He’s always complaining about his earbuds!

  73. kaanii powell cleaver Reply October 27, 2011 at 8:09 pm

    Neeeeeeeeeed these.

  74. sounds sweeet!!!

  75. Yes, pleassse and thank you!

  76. Yay! I got it today!! Thanks GeekAlerts!!!!!

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