Rovers Return Pint Glass with Bell

Rovers Return Pint Glass

Have you ever watched those old Western movies and ogled at the huge and retro-looking beer mugs that they drink their beer out of? If you’ve been trying to search for one of those glasses yourself, then your search is over, because the Rovers Return Pint Glass with Bell is here.

The Rovers Return Pint Glass can hold up to a pint of your favorite booze (or drink) and is made out of thick, sturdy glass. But the highlight of the glass is the bell; just push the handle with your thumb to give out a resounding ring to call the bartender (or your wife) over for a refill. Yes, this is the life.

Rovers Return Pint Glass with Bell

Spending every night in the pub is one thing, spending every night in the Rover’s Return is an entirely different barrel of Newton and Ridley. Well would you frequent a boozer that’s witnessed a lorry crash, a major fire, several deaths and boasts décor that wouldn’t look out of place in Betty Turpin’s boudoir circa ‘71. You would? In that case you need the Rovers Return Pint Glass with Bell.

  • Holds a pint of beer (or any other tipple)
  • Removable brass plated bell, perfect for getting the barmaids attention
  • Thick wall glass construction with wide grip handle

The Rovers Return Pint Glass with Bell is available from Firebox for £6.99.

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