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iTwin Giveaway

Spring is a sign of good things to come. You have warmer weather followed by flowers, summer, vacations and GeekAlerts giveaways. Sure we do great giveaways all year, but it always feels better to do it when the weather is nice and the sun is […]

Lomography Spinner 360 Sweepstakes

Lomography Spinner 360 Giveaway

Technology has really changed how people view creativity and artistic expression, but Lomography is working hard to provide analog cameras for people that still want to enjoy 35mm film. GeekAlerts has shown you several cool models like the La Sardina Western Edition Cameras, the Gold […]

Dual Giveaways

Dual Giveaways

Lately we have been offering a steady stream of great giveaways, with excellent odds of winnings. In case you missed it last week, we launched Dual Giveaways. These aren’t just any giveaways either, but some of the best giveaways GeekAlerts has offered to date. The […]

Toddy Microfiber Smart Cloth Sweepstakes

Toddy Smart Cloth Giveaway

Last week GeekAlerts introduced you to the Toddy Smart Cloth handcrafted microfiber cleaning cloth. Products like these are important (though often forgotten), and this particular one makes a great gift idea. Designed by Toddy Gear to ensure that your sensitive and expensive electronic devices remain […]

Coloud Colors Red Headphones

Coloud Headphones Giveaway

Last week we wrote about the cool colored and aptly named Coloud Colors Headphones and now one lucky winner will be able to win a pair of Red Coloud Colors Headphones. These headphones offer great comfort and sound quality at an affordable price, come in […]

Wicked Empire Earbuds

Wicked Halloween Giveaway

It is no coincidence that we just posted about Wicked Empire and Wicked Little Buds earphones. These are actually the prizes in our latest sweepstakes. One lucky winner of the Wicked Halloween Giveaway will get a pair of Wicked Empire earbuds and another winner will […]