Colorful LED Keyboard


This cool looking Korean keyboard from Luxeed is available two different versions; the white one featured above ($127) where the whole the key will light up, and a black version ($134) where only the letters will glow.

A software that lets you customize the way the LEDs behave is also included. You can make the keys glow only when your hit them, create your own patterns, or simply set it to glow in one single color of your choice.

Here’s a short video demonstration Luxeed LED keyboard:

Which of the two would be your choice, the black one or the white one?

(Via technabob)

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Robert Birming

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Based in Stockholm, Sweden, Robert is a blogger and musician with an eye on innovative gadgets and design geekiness.

21 Responses to “Colorful LED Keyboard”

  1. the white, the white. taste the rainbow…

  2. Mm, same here. Looks awesome.

  3. Yes, just can repeat what you said before… it just looks fun!

  4. ‘feeling!’

  5. Shoulder surfing never looked so easy.

    Security threat. I wouldn’t get it.

  6. suspiciously similar to the di novo design…

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  8. What better way to induce epileptic seizures!

  9. mmm… the black one for sure- will look great next to my iPod dock that lights up in a rainbow too.

  10. While the idea seams cool I wouldn’t buy one. Its to flashy for a desk in my opinion. However I would love something like this in my notebook. I often have to increase my brightness of my notebook’s display when it’s dark to see the keys. And even then it’s still sometimes hard. This keyboard idea would be very useful there.

  11. i want to buy this nice keyboard with card anyone to help me to bye i dont know korean

  12. I’m not sure where (or if) you can buy it outside of Korea.

    Maybe someone else knows?

  13. Alright I’ve searched all over for this keyboard. Where can you purchase it in The USA?

  14. I’m not sure if it’s available in The US yet.

    Maybe someone else knows?

  15. Luxeed Keyboards now available at Cool Glowy Things!

  16. Hi people

    As newly registered user i only wanted to say hello to everyone else who uses this forum <:-)

  17. Whats up everyone? I’ve lurked long enough! time to appear from the shadows and join in on the action.

  18. Hi , i have some questions about you desing
    maybe you can give designer contacts?

  19. Hello. How I can download drivers? I have master device 7996-spl. I want to install it. Please help me. Thanks!

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