Digital Pencil for Laptops and PDAs

Digital Pencil

The Digital Pencil from Suck UK is meant to make life easier by using it instead of your finger when navigating around the touch pad of computer or PDA.

It doesn’t really feel like we’re looking at a future success here. Isn’t part of the idea with these gadgets the freedom of not having to use extra tools?

I’m on a MacBook Pro and spend probably about 95% using only the keys and touch pad to navigate. How about you, would you find a Digital Pencil useful?

Made from a super special space age silicone material that exactly mimics the electrical resistance and supplety of a human finger. You know how hard it can be to navigate around your Laptop computer using your index finger on the touch pad, well this stubby little ‘pencil’ makes life a lot easier. Drawing with a pencil is second nature, far quicker, more accurate and controllable than your fingertip. Work like a pro artist with a graphics tablet.

The product is “coming soon”. No price info available yet.

(Via Notcot)


  1. I understand not wanting ANOTHER thing to lose! Does grab my interest regarding the drawing thing, though. However, regarding drawing, wouldn’t a THINNER POINT be more useful? I definitely am NOT good at drawing with a mouse. I would never use this item in my classroom, however, because it says the word, “Suck” on it.

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