Cat Exercise Wheel

Cat Exercise Wheel

Move over Hamster Race Car, cats are stealing the show. The Cat Exercise Wheel is basically a hamster wheel made for cats. It allows your furry felines to get the exercise they need no matter where you live.

As you can see from the videos below, the cats seem to get the idea and enjoy playing on the wheel. The Cat Wheel can hold up to 50 pounds and is perfect for people that live in the city or areas that have cold winters.

This Black Cat Exercise Wheel has a 43 inch diameter and has a 10 inch wide running tread. Made from strong lightweight ABS recycled plastic. Spins smoothly on a tuned dual ball bearing axle. The Arm piece and Stand are made out of industrial strength metal. Running surface is generous in size. Holds up to 50lbs. Set includes Tread Pads for the tread. However, some pets don’t use the Tread Pads!

You can purchase the Cat Exercise Wheel at the Cat Wheel Company for $349 and at….expensive yes, but it could be a lot cheaper than all those veterinary visits that are necessary for an unfit cat.

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2 Responses to “Cat Exercise Wheel”

  1. $350? C’mon! It’s probably built using $20 of material each, $45 labor each, and another $5,000-$10,000 in sunk costs for the ABS molds, welder, pads,and stickers. Offer one at $150 and I’d buy today.

  2. Ditto what craigS said….. $350? You’re dreaming……..

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