Bawls Energy Drinks

Case O Bawls Energy Drinks

Are you looking for that energy drink that has that little extra something?  Then you are ready for the Bawls Energy Drink experience.  These energy drinks come in several flavors and offer 80 mg caffeine from Guarana per 10 ounce bottle.  If you’re on a diet but still need your fix of Bawls, try Bawls Exxtra.  It contains no sugar, no calories and only 15 grams of sodium, but still delivers the Bawls energy kick.

Case O Bawls

Bawls Features:

  • Case (24) of 10 ounces bottles
  • Case (24) of 16 ounce cans
  • Flavors: Cherry, Root Beer, Regular, EXXTRA
  • 80 mg caffeine per 10 oz


  • sugar free, calorie and carb free with only 15 milligrams of sodium
  • Sweetened with a combination of Sucralose and AceK (NOT to be confused with Aspartame)
  • Plus it has 50% more caffeine than regular BAWLS
  • And it tastes great!

Fizzling Blue Bawls Recipe

  • Drop 2 caffeinated Bawls mints into
  • 1 bottle of regular Bawls
  • Enjoy

Bawls Energy Drinks can be purchased at ThinkGeek from $39.99 and on amazon in a variety of package sizes and prices.  If you think you are up to the Fizzling Blue Bawls Recipe, here are the Bawls Mints.

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