Captain Jack Harkness Bathrobe

Doctor Who Torchwood Captain Jack Harkness Bathrobe

Want to be stylin’ like Captain Jack Harkness on Torchwood but still be comfortable while lounging around the house? The Captain Jack Harkness Bathrobe lets you borrow the famous look of the 51st century conman that was first introduced on Doctor Who, while still keeping things comfortably casual.

The bathrobe, which probably won’t make you immortal or give you the clout to lead a group of alien hunters, is designed to resemble Captain Jack’s greatcoat with metal buttons and shoulder epaulettes. It’s made from 100% terry cloth, includes a cotton belt, and has two front pockets that let you easily store snacks and your Sonic Screwdriver Programmable TV Remote.

Torchwood Captain Jack Harkness Bathrobe

  • Official Doctor Who/Torchwood Bathrobe
  • Light blue and based on a military greatcoat
  • Based on Captain Jack Harkness’ outfit (John Barrowman)
  • Military details: metal buttons and shoulder epaulettes
  • 2 front pockets
  • Cotton belt
  • Made from 100% terry cloth
  • Comes in an adult one size

The Torchwood Captain Jack Harkness Bathrobe is available for £48.99/$79.06 at When you get ready to leave the house, you can still keep the spirit and style of Captain Jack with the Doctor Who Captain Jack Harkness Coat.

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