CaffeinAll Gourmet Caffeine

CaffeinAll Gourmet Caffeine
Like many of you out there, we at GeekAlerts depend on caffeine for a number of reasons. Some of us need it to get our day started, others want that added energy boost for their gym workouts, and still a few of us need it to simply make it through our afternoon grind. Whatever your reason for drinking it may be, caffeine has become a huge part of everyone’s daily lives and with the economy hurting and prices on coffee and energy drinks being quite high, we need a better and cheaper alternative. That brings us to CaffeinAll Gourmet Caffeine.

This caffeine additive is extremely cost effective for those of us that can’t seem to cut back on our daily consumption of caffeine. Have you ever added up your monthly caffeine expenses? Starbucks, Red Bull, and many of the other leading caffeinated drinks can costs us quite a bit per month, but CaffeinAll Gourmet Caffeine only costs $.12 per 120mg; that is the same amount of caffeine found in a cup of coffee. With its simple sprinkle on design, you can add a little or a lot whenever you feel the need for an energy boost and save yourself time and money.

CaffeinAll Gourmet Caffeine Additive

Like all food additives, you should read the product label and make sure you don’t overdo it; you don’t want to be like Sheldon from the Big Bang Theory when he had his first caffeinated experience. To learn more go to, where you can purchase CaffeinAll Gourmet Caffeine for $19.95 per 600 shot bottle.

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