Caffeinated Hot Cocoa Mix

Caffeinated Hot Cocoa Mix

Brrr. It’s getting colder and pretty soon many of us will be experiencing the dark wrath of the daylight savings time change, aka “fall backwards.” Productivity will start to dwindle and we’ll all want to make like the bears and hibernate. But no, we must fight the sleepiness with the miracle drug known as caffeine. Normally drinking warm milk isn’t conducive to being alert and awake, but when you add a little Caffeinated Hot Cocoa Mix to it, you’ll be ready to bring your A-game.

If you prepare yourself a mug of caffeine-spiked hot cocoa, you will definitely want to avoid drinking it with Stay Puft Caffeinated Gourmet Marshmallows. We don’t want you to experience heart palpitations or start acting like a sorry version of Beavis.

Caffeinated Hot Cocoa

Caffeinated Hot Cocoa Mix

  • Super delicious hot cocoa mix, which just happens to be ultra-caffeinated!
  • Three flavors to choose from: Double-Dutch Chocolate, Dark Chocolate, and Chocolate Mint
  • Each packaged in a resealable zipper pack.
  • Caffeine Content: 175mg per 8oz serving
  • Servings Per Bag: approx. 12.5
  • Net Wt: approx. 12.5 oz.

A nice diversion from coffee or tea, caffeinated hot cocoa will be something to treat yourself to on a Monday that you know beyond a reasonable doubt is going to suck. Find Caffeinated Hot Cocoa Mix in delectable Dark Chocolate and Chocolate Mint flavors at for $6.99 a package. Double-Dutch Chocolate is obtainable but will take about 1-3 weeks to receive.

Just some fyi: we’ve also featured caffeinated maple syrup, energy snacks for gamers and popcorn for more alternative ways to pry your eyes open during harsh times.

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