Budweiser USB Drive with Actual Beer

Budweiser USB Drive with Actual Beer

Flash drives just keep getting weirder and weirder–and maybe more creative? I mean, you’ve got the 8 GB Cork USB Drive that looks like a cork, the Jewel Gun USB Flash Drive, and the McDonald’s French Fries Design USB Flash Drive. Some of these USB drives were really made with a lot of thought into the design, because now they look so realistic and true to life.

But the Budweiser USB Drive with Actual Beer goes a step further than any one of these, because each has been filled generously with actual beer. Not real beer, as in the one you can chug down at your local beer, but “beer” made from a liquid with a similar color with actual floating beer foam. Now how’s that for realistic?

Budweiser USB Drive with Actual Beer

The suds will never evaporate in this liquid filled promotional USB drive made to look like beer complete with tiny floating beer foam. Just plug it into any USB port and you’re ready to upload, download, transfer and store all your files. No power supply or cables needed. You can run applications, view videos, or play MP3 files directly.

The Budweiser USB Drive with Actual Beer is available for purchase in bulk (minimum of 25) for $17.65 per USB drive.

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  1. The article title is wrong. It’s not actual beer, but liquid “made to look like beer” as clearly stated on their site and in the quote.

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