Budweiser Retro Mini Fridge

Budweiser Retro Mini Fridge

The beautiful 50 litre capacity Budweiser Retro Mini Fridge ($245) will let you keep your precious beverage cold in style.

Temperature Range: 4 to 10 °C. Dimensions: H 498 W 435 D 495 mm.

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3 Responses to “Budweiser Retro Mini Fridge”

  1. What is the size in inches? What is the cost of shipping? Can I also know where it is shippimng from. Thank you

  2. You can use Google to see the size in inches. Ex:

    Please follow the link in the news for shopping info etc.

  3. hey man this is exactly what im looking for. im from burlington ontario though so how much would it be i canadian money. and where would you be shipping it from and how much is delivery

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