Braided Fabric Smartphone Cables

Braided Fabric Smartphone Cables

Power cords make the world go around but they can quickly become tangled messes with everyone in the house claiming ownership because all the cords look exactly alike. The Braided Fabric Smartphone Cables take the tangle and confusion out of power cords with four unique designs and four cable options that let you provide life-giving electricity to a variety of devices, and they look good while doing it.

Braided Smartphone Cables

Braided Fabric Smartphone Cables

  • Braided fabric smartphone cables
  • Easily tell your cables apart from everyone else’s
  • No more tangles thanks to the braided fabric design
  • Four colors:
    • Galaxy (blue/white)
    • Killa Bee (black/yellow)
    • Ronald (red/yellow)
    • Arctic (white/blue)
  • Four types: 30-pin, lightning, MicroUSB, Aux
    • 30-pin: All iPhone 4S & earlier, iPad 3rd gen & earlier, iPods made before 2012
    • Lightning: iPhone 5, iPad mini, 4th Gen iPad, and 5th gen iPod Touch
    • MicroUSB: Most Android phones, e-readers, and other electronics
    • Aux: All devices that use the standard 3.5mm audio jack
  • Length: 3 feet

Note: The Aux cable has male 3.5mm (1/8″) connectors on both ends

Braided Fabric Smartphone Cables are available for $13.99-$23.99 at

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