Benzitech’s New Waterproof Smartphone and Tablet Cases

Benzitech’s New Waterproof Smartphone and Tablet Cases

We all have seen water resistant cases for our tablets and smartphones before, but this is CES 2012; so you know there has to be something special about these cases. The Benzitech’s New Waterproof Smartphone and Tablet Cases aren’t just waterproof, they can actually accompany you on a scuba diving adventure up to 20 meters deep.

Benzitech, Inc., a manufacturer of consumer electronics, announced their new line of battery charging cases for the iPad and iPhone to go along with the announcement of these impressive waterproof cases today at CES in Las Vegas. The iDry waterproof cases protect your valuable electronics by creating an airtight seal when closed. They are perfect for outdoor adventures like hiking and boating while protecting against rain, mud, and other outdoor elements. Use them by the poolside or while swimming at the beach to ensure that there aren’t any accidental water mishaps.

The innovative design allows users to operate their touchscreen devices without ever opening the cases. You can surf the web or receive a call in confidence knowing that your device is protected. Added features include waterproof earbuds, armband, and neck strap.

Benzitech’s New Waterproof Smartphone and Tablet Cases

  • Detachable and adjustable strap to be used on shoulder or neck
  • Devices can be used for up to 20 meters deep below talk.
  • Easily floats on water for any hand free phone talk.
  • Clear transparent and soft material for easy operation.
  • 100% Protection from water, sand, and dust.
  • ABS locking system and PVC material which can resist from strong acid.

Benzitech Waterproof Smartphone and Tablet Cases

Benzitech’s battery charging cases include the Slider iPhone battery charging case, 6000 Z charger case for the iPad 2, and the iWrap genuine leather case.

The slim and sleek Slider case features a 2200 mAh battery, a LED power state indicator, and can easily be attached or removed. The genuine leather iWrap case features a flip cover to protect your iPhone screen, 1450 mAh battery, and Smart LED power state indicator system.

iPad 2 users will love the Benzitech 6000 Z charger case. This case gives user an additional audio and video playback time by nearly doubling the iPad’s original battery life. The 6000 Z charger also features a sleek design with an included stainless steel stand.

Look for the Benzitech’s New Waterproof Smartphone, Tablet Cases, and Battery Chargers to be available soon at retailers like To learn more, go to

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