Beer Holding Sweatshirt

Beer Holding Sweatshirt

After brewing some fruity booze for yourself with the use of the DIY Hooch Kit, you can either drink it straight right out of your Alcohol By Volume Glass or pour it in a bottle and stuff it down the front pocket on the Beer Holding Sweatshirt.

These sweatshirts look just like any typical, gray sweatshirt except that it’s got a lined and insulated pocket at the front to hold your cool bottle of beer. If you’re the type who carries a lot of bottles and canned goods while you’re on the go, then you can also stuff that instant canned soup or bottle of iced tea down this pocket as well.

Beer Holding Sweatshirt

Beer Holding Sweatshirt

You can carry around a beer while leaving your hands free to high five a complete stranger in the stands, carry more beer, or operate your hands-free cellphone. The Beer Pouch Sweatshirt is perfect for sporting events, picnics, and really boring offices.

The Beer Pouch Hoodie features a 30-square-inch pouch with elastic band and an insulating liner to keep your beer ice cold. The pouch can stretch to accommodate soda cans, bottled water, and even cans of soup and bottles of whipped cream.

The Beer Holding Sweatshirt is available from Vat19 in a variety of sizes from $29.95.  If you want to let out the cowboy or cowgirl in you, checkout the Beer Holster.

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