Batman Hooded Costume Backpack with Wings

Batman Hooded Backpack With Wings

Always be yourself… unless you can be Batman; then, always be Batman. It’s easier than ever to transform yourself into the Caped Crusader with the Batman Hooded Costume Backpack with Wings. Become Gotham City’s embodiment of Justice, while making sure you have a convenient way to carry your stuff.

When it comes to transforming yourself into the Dark Knight, this backpack doesn’t miss a single step. The strap across the chest puts the bat symbol in place, the strap around the waist provides the utility belt, and the pointy-eared hood lets the wearer hide their features within the shadows of Batman’s cowl.

Oh. Did I mention wings? Yeah, you get your very own set of bat-wings. I wouldn’t suggest jumping off a building and trying to use them to break your fall but they still look cool. Sometimes looks do trump functionality.

Forget about being yourself and be Batman. The Batman Hooded Costume Backpack With Wings will be available July 2013, but it can be pre-ordered now for $44.99 at and £34.99 at

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