DC Comics Batman Hooded Backpack

DC Comics Batman Hooded Backpack

When you want to wear a hood but don’t necessarily want to wear your hoodie sweatshirt, maybe what you need is the DC Comics Batman Hooded Backpack. It has a comfy hood that acts as a studly shelter for your head and a sack that’s manly enough to carry all your heroic essentials.

The backpack features the classic yellow on black Batman logo, which is the best one of all. Also accenting the bag are matching bright-yellow zippers and shoulder straps. When you put the hood on, bat ears stick up on your head in alert position while the hood covers your human ears. You never know when you’ll need to make like a bat and go incognito.

Holy awesome, Batman! This backpack features the Batman logo and a hood with ears. 12″ x 4″ x 16″

Just like a hoodie, the hood on the backpack will keep the back of your neck warm and protected from harsh outdoor elements like bugs and wind. Regarding the backpack, you probably won’t be able to stick a bunch of big things in there, but it’s got ample room for your wallet, keys, phone, mp3 player, small snacks, perhaps a digital tablet, and Batarangs.

The DC Comics Batman Hooded Backpack is available at Hot Topic for $34.50. Meanwhile, you may also be interested in the Batman Plush Backpack, also available at Hot Topic.

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